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Where’s Chuck?

Realms TV Show - Wheres Chuck

Marcus, Bex and Dee now realise they have no choice but to enter 9 further “Realms” and with this, the fun really starts!

In the following episodes we discover that Marcus, Dee and Bex are being watched by a group called FRACTURE and soon these guys will end up playing the main characters against each other ending up in a season ending cliff-hanger to end all cliff-hangers!

“You have now set in motion an event in your realm which cannot be stopped, only controlled. The decisions you choose to make in other dimensions will cause major ramifications in your own. – Periculum.”

Episodes in Season 1

White Lives Matter : A realm where slavery still exists, but whites are the slaves.

It’s All Alien To Me : A dimension where Roswell happened with no cover up leading to massive tech advances.

Reservations : A realm where the pilgrims never took over the US and Native Americans control all the states.

Can’t Play Nisis : A horrific dimension where ISIS have strongholds throughout the US.

At the start of episode 2, Bex decodes the page they found in Periculums grave which reads…..

The trio also find out more about Periculum and of course, they visit 9 versions of their own world including….