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Where’s Chuck?

Realms TV Show - Wheres Chuck

Both excited and terrified, they enter the first world to discover a 2018 version of their hometown in which electricity was deemed ‘too dangerous’ and as a result they find themselves in a dimension that looks more like the US in the 1800’s.

On arrival Bex breaks the news to them that to get home they must find a “key” to re-open the portal. The trio head out on a search for the mystery figure mentioned in the book….Periculum.

Adventure soon ensues when they find out that Periculum is dead and a spot of grave robbing is going to be called for. By night, Marcus, Bex and Dee exhume Periculums coffin only to find no body, but in-stead a small box containing a glass coin and a missing page from the book they found at the Deans house.

2 university students, Marcus and Dee, are asked to clean out the home of their ex-Dean. In doing so, they find a book which, with the help of their friend Bex, they discover is the key to unlocking a number of parallel worlds.

Chased out of the graveyard under gunfire, the 3 friends escape and using the glass coin they found, they are able to re-open the portal and return to their own dimension.

However their journey is only just beginning.

In our first cliff-hanger, back at the dorm, the trio find that the changes they have made in the recently visited alternative reality have had catastrophic effects on this world including a massive explosion at a hydro electric plant, as well as a number of aircraft have seemingly just fallen out of the night skies.

What Follows?